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GMA is a visionary of World leaders, Broadcasters, Gospel artists, Content Creators, Film makers, Agents, Executives, Bankers, Business leaders, Publishers, Entrepreneurs, Pastors and more, working together to push the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ forward as an unbeatable team, thereby helping the creative ones realize their dreams and succeed in their pursuit in every aspect, by creating the platform/Network  to spread Gospel music, films, TV Content, books, Messages and various other entertaining and informative programs around the world.


To be the biggest Gospel Network in the world with a state of the art media outfit serving the Christian community and serving as a vehicle to propagate the gospel to the interior parts of the earth.


To take the Gospel to the whole world, creating a platform to house all active sectors in the Christian community including entertainment, broadcasting, art and media where people can socialize and work together to reach the unsaved.


• To create easy ways to promote the gospel and creative materials like Music, films, Messages and TV Content. 

• To commercialize skills and talents in the Christian community, thereby making musicians, Pastors, Film makers, Content Creators etc. both known and unknown earn for their skills.

• To enhance collaboration in all sectors of the Christian community and reducing discrimination by allowing bonding using various media and tasks.

• Creating a market for gospel music world wide starting with our website and a community network of Christians both gospel artist, performers, Instrumentalist, Gospel music lovers, pastors and others.

• To serve as a human resources development for all churches by organizing empowerment trainings for church workers.

• To build a strong and lasting relationship with churches and Christian bodies in order to enhance the sales of Gospel music, event tickets and other Christian products.

• To create powerful 7 star Gospel non-denominational events for music, films, launching and various activities. 

• To create welfare centers for church ministers and workers who are in urgent need.

• To serve as a support center for churches and missions, we will also plant churches around the world that are run independently with no involvement with GMA.

• To create broadcasting networks like Television, Radio and Social Media etc. for propagating the gospel and making available information.

•To connect churches in the interior to a broad and endless network of possibilities.

• To serve as a point of call to disaster stricken churches or Christian bodies.

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