Chinese Christian Arrested for Preaching on the Street

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Chinese Authorities sentenced a Christian Preacher to 10 days in administrative detention for “illegal evangelism” yesterday in Hengyang.
The man, Chen Wensheng, was seen sharing his Christian faith on a street in Hengyang, Hunan, before being taken into custody. He also displayed a wooden cross that had “Glory to our Savior” and “Repent and be saved by faith alone” written on it. Chen was doing what he usually does, preaching on the street for passersby. Chen also urged police officers to believe in Jesus.
The cross was confiscated at the police station.

China has become the hub for Christian persecution over the years with the China Communist Party causing the forceful arrest of Christians and pastors alike. Worse of all is setting up laws that put Christians in jeopardy when they worship God instead of the communist party leaders.
Currently, China is rated one of the most dangerous country for Christians so Christians will continue to look over their shoulder as the practice their believe for fear of editement.

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