VIDEO: Church Allows Homeless People To Sleep Inside Overnight And Give Them Warm Blankets

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15 years ago, the St Boniface church in San Francisco decided to open its doors to the homeless in need of shelter. This solidary initiative was carried out by Father Vitale and Shelly Roder back in 2004. This charitable enterprise is known as The Gubbio Project.

Each day, the church hosts hundreds and hundreds of homeless people that are provided with blankets and use the pews to sleep each night. Obviously the church still remains at the disposal of those who want to attend it for praying. Nevertheless, 2/3 of the church is reserved for The Gubbio Project.

Most people complain that homeless people can be very dangerous and unpredictable because of their lack of resources. However, according to The Gubbio Project, 95% of those surveyed said that they feel completely safe at the church.

The most important thing for them is that inside the walls of the church they are not treated like criminals and they do not feel alienated.

This project was born in other to counter-attack the laws that have been passed in the United States in relation to the camping of homeless people in public areas, according to Knowledge Time.

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