excitements as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Donates 1Billion Naira Engineering Faculty To Nigerian University

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Founder and Pastor of Believers’ Love World, popularly known as Christ Embassy, on Tuesday, March 10, 2020, officially opened the one billion naira Faculty of Engineering he donated to Benson Idahosa University.

Notable Presence at the event that took place in the school included the Arch Bishop of Church of God Mission International, Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa, The President of Benson Idahosa University, Feb Emmanuel Benson Idahosa, The Vice Chancellor of BIU, Bishops of the Church, Students, Traditional rulers and many more. The event also had online followers from many parts of the world, like Slovakia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Jordan, India, Cote d’Ivoire, United States of America, Kenya amongst others.

Archbishop Margaret Idahosa while speaking said concerning Reverend Chris Oyakhilome “After Benson Idahosa died, God made a way and you’re one of the ways he made”. She further added concerning the newly opened Faculty, “It is a joy that we can’t express, a joy that goes down the bone marrow. May God memorialize this gift and multiply it to you son and to your account in Heaven, such that God will testify of the good deeds you have done”.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome with Archbishop Margaret Idahosa, Wife of Bishop Benson Idahosa
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome with Archbishop Margaret Idahosa, Wife of Bishop Benson Idahosa

She joyfully ushered Pastor Chris onto the podium saying, “Welcome, a son indeed, a son of the family, a son of the ministry, Reverend Dr. Chris Oyakhilome“.

God bless you Son. Keep impacting generations yet unborn. Thanks for coming today to Benson Idahosa Legacy Campus.

Reverend Chris Oyakhilome came up to the podium in an appreciative mood thanking everyone for the honour and recognition and also ‘grateful for what and who Benson Idahosa was to me’.

He said, “The legacy of Benson Idahosa, I’ve always had it in mind, I am his legacy, we are his legacy, this is our campus. We are his Fruits”.

On Friday October 23rd 2015, The Man of God-Pastor Chris gave 1 Billion Naira for the building of the Engineering Faculty of the Benson Idahosa University in Nigeria.

Speaking when he inaugurated a N1 billion Faculty of Engineering building he built and donated to Benson Idahosa University (BIU), in Benin City, Edo State, Oyakhilome said “I am one grateful person; grateful for what Bishop Idahosa was doing. Coming here, I thought about the legacy of Idahosa. I always have it in mind that I am his legacy. We are part of his fruit. I count myself lucky for being given the opportunity to celebrate him. Idahosa gave me a picture of what I would become today before he passed on”.

Archbishop Benson Idahosa died 22 years ago, precisely March 12, 1998.

The ceremony was in actualization of the promise made by Oyakhilome in 2016 to make available one billion naira towards the construction of the Engineering building.

Commending the late archbishop’s family forkeeping up with his legacy, Oyakhilome acknowledged that the person he had become today was shapened by Idahosa “so, I didn’t think I was doing something other than expressing my appreciation. I took the opportunity afforded me to say thank you”.

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He said “Idahosa had always told us to support the poor and the government. He said this knowing that the government is not poor. He taught us how to give. Weare the legacy of his ministry, life, work and message; we are taking this message everywhere”.

Speaking at the occasion, BIU Chancellor, Margaret Idahosa, said she never doubted the actualisation of the University even when some people expressed fear that it would be a tall dream after the demise of the founder.

“Nobody ever thought that BIU will be a reality. I thank God forpeople like Chris Oyakhilome and others who have made this dream a reality,” she said.

Also, Pastor Feb Idahosa, son of the late Archbishop and President of the University, said that BIU remained a legacy that was built by all, including the students and the likes of Chris Oyakhilome. “It is not a one-man show; it is only a vision that was built by a community. We are all part of the success story of the legacy” he said.

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