Faith Corner with Bola Ajakaiye

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It was a cloudy Monday evening, I was glad to have beaten the usual main depressing traffic along my route and it seem I’d make it home in good time .

Well, soon it began to drizzle and in no time, it began to pour. Before long, the roads were flooded. I wasn’t bothered; I was only about 15 minutes from home. Hmnnn, the traffic began to lock more and soon there was no way out of the traffic. It was jammed! I was disappointed but still not really bothered.

A few minutes later, visibility became poor as even the glass wipers couldn’t withstand the heavy downpour. Water started seeping into the car. I was worried about the smell of dampness that would linger for days but still kept my focus. In 5mins, the car started filling up. Some of my belongings began to float. The water kept rising until it was about knee level. Ahhhhh!!! I feared. It was like I was drowning. No way out of the car as outside was worse, neither could I maneuver out of the standing locked traffic. I was stuck with no visibility!

Long story short, out of panic, I bursted the door open with more water gushing in as I waded through the murky water. Wasn’t even sure what to do. Get help or look for a cover and abandon the car? All I knew was I was overtaken by fear and confusion.

I eventually got help but of course the mechanical damage to the car was massive. None of the cars around me experienced same problem, why? Because they were raised higher; they were Jeeps and trucks built with higher chassis for such situations.

Cracks and openings in our lives often usher in calamity and complications. Cracks gotten from several things especially when not in tune with the Holy Spirit or out of line with God. Things begin to seep through causing complications in different areas of our lives. My car would be fine if there was a better sealing to the openings or if it was higher.

Listen, the world we live in is filled with so many troubles, and yes we live there, it doesn’t mean we are of it. Let the happenings around keep pushing you towards your goal but don’t let it get into you. Be awakened and motivated by these happenings but never let it get into your system.

Be like a ship that floats on water towards the dock that never permits the water get into it lest it sinks.



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