Interview; A Chat With Natori Blue Following The Release Of Her Single ‘Spirit Move’

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Natori Blue is a singer and writer from the small town of Hearne in Texas, USA. She was
brought up in a musical family the small city of Herne, where she was known for her angelic
voice. With a firm upbringing in her grandfather’s church, it was then that she fell in love with
the message of hope.
During her tenure at the University of Texas at Austin, it became evident that she carried a
a unique voice, one that was respected and of high demand, that eventually the requests for
her to feature and sing at numerous events and music projects made it evident she had a
call to sing.
While she earnestly sought God for direction concerning her personal musical aspirations,
she united with local ministries and traveled to various cities and states, harmonizing and
gaining great exposure and valuable experience.

As time passed, it was evident that He was calling her into her own career. The journey
officially began at her debut concert on February 15, 2009, before an eager audience of
hundreds. She mounted the stage and exhausted her physical limitations as she revealed
her heart for God through a one-hour set of her original compositions.  Her debut Album
entitled, “Long Live the King,” was recorded live and proved a life-altering experience for
many in attendance and was released in 2013.
Natori has since continued to travel and spread the good news. From worship leading at
local venues to stages in Johannesburg, South Africa, and launched her into the next phase
of her career with her latest single “Spirit Moves”.
Spirit Moves, is a simple but powerful message that has brought in numerous testimonies
from listeners around the world. In this power-packed tune, Natori acknowledges the
musical traditions of her southern baptist upbringing and musical influences, while weaving
them through contemporary pop and soul vibes. The unique experience of “Spirit Moves”
quickly created a buzz and a demand for a music video. – And in July of 2020, Natori
delivered: four uninterrupted minutes of tranquil intensity…moving visuals that perfectly
convey every lyric.
In addition to Natori’s musical abilities, the talented singer has also written music and books
for children, and her storytelling through poetry and music has wonderfully captured
children’s hearts by producing intriguing characters and adventurous stories with relevant
themes, fostering the perfect little epiphany moments for young readers. Her latest book will
be released in the near future.
This is what fuels her. Through her writing and singing, she hopes to continue contributing
to a greater message of hope –gracefully engaging, and ultimately leading them into a life-
changing experience.
Natori continues to communicate an authentic melodic message, incorporating words of life,
in which she seamlessly transfers into anthemic hooks that cultivate the power of faith. She
has worked with; Ron Lewis, producer for both Kirk Franklin and James Fortune; she has
also shared the stage with some of the most inspirational gospel singers including Kirk
Franklin, William McDowell, Jonathan McReynolds and Jesus Culture. Her performances are
packed with a passion to encourage, with a pleasing to the ear vocal range leaving you craving

Thanks for taking this interview, it means so much to us.

I believe everyone wants to know the golden voice behind that beautiful song “Spirit Move”
so tell us about yourself?

I was born in the city of Hearne, Texas, and I was raised in a very musically inclined family in
which nearly everyone was either a musician or a minister…or both.
I moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas. While there, I united with local ministries and
traveled to various cities and states, gaining exposure and valuable experience in music ministry.
I nervously shared some of the music I had written with an accomplished musician and friend in
the city, and he was blown away. He assured me that I had a gift of writing, and even asked me
to teach that particular song to our group. We performed it live at our next big event. This may
seem small to some, but this is what initially gave me confidence as a writer.
As time passed and God revealed deeper aspects of my destiny, it was evident that He was
calling me into my own ministry – And the journey officially began at my debut concert on
February 15, 2009.
In 2010 I released my first single, " He Loves You," and in September of 2011, a debut Album
entitled, " Long Live the King," which was recorded live and was released in 2013.

For a Lady with a voice like yours, I believe you must have come a long way with music, give us the history?

I grew up in a family of many musically inclined people. My grandmother sang and played the
piano…so does my mother and some of my aunts. My brother and several of my cousins are
amazing singers/musicians. We were members of my grandfather’s church and were able to
exercise our gifts regularly. I played the piano for my Sunday school until I moved away to
college. It was then that I started writing. A local worship pastor at a church I often visited
heard one of my songs, and really affirmed me and encouraged me in the area of writing. I
wrote more and more songs and decided to record them live for my debut album. I released
“Long Live the King” in 2013, and I’ve been writing and recording, worship leading, and
traveling with my band singing ever since.

Q. Who is your inspiration and why that person?

Kirk Franklin has always been an inspiration,
not only because he is so incredibly gifted, but because he always remained true to self even
when his unorthodox style of music was not initially accepted by many in the Christian/Gospel
music realm.

Q. How do you describe your kind of music?

This is truly one of the toughest questions I’ve been
asked. The closest I can get: Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Pop, and “Disney” (Yes, Disney is
its own genre!) all mixed together in a bowl!

Did you get started as a gospel artist or did you get a call along the way?

I started out as a gospel artist.

Q. What’s your message to the world through your song?

Light always pierces the darkness. It always makes a statement…when it shows up it replaces the darkness. So, when we are connected to the
light of the world, we need not ever let darkness worry us.

Q. How does being a gospel artist affect your growth in the industry?

“Growth in the industry” is less of a priority than doing what God is leading me to do. I spend more of my time and
energy just writing, singing, and saying what the holy spirit is telling me. This is what has opened doors and attracted God’s audience to me.

Q. Reading your profile, you have shared the stage spotlight with popular gospel artistes like Kirk Franklin, who would you like to collaborate with if given the chance?

So many I could name! I would love to collaborate with Lacrae, Tye Tribbet, Natalie Grant,
Tauren Wells, and/or William McDowell.

Do you play any instrument?

My grandmother taught me to play the piano when I was five years old. I played for my local Sunday school and Baptist Training Union through high school, but when I went off to college I stopped practicing. I didn’t think I was that great at it. I felt like I was a lot better at writing music, so I only maintained my piano skills enough to write new music. So, to answer your question, eh…kind of.

Q. In your video, the visuals spoke volume about the Black lives matter, what’s your take on the protest?

It spoke to social injustice and to the coronavirus pandemic as well. The intended message is
that God’s spirit is greater than all of this. Greater is He who is in us than He who is in the
world (1 John 4:4).

Q. What, in your opinion do you think is the solution to this protest?

I think as with everything, we should ask God for wisdom and strategy. Sometimes God sent his people into battle, and at other times he gave other strategic instructions in order to claim victory. I can’t say I have clear cut instructions for how this should be handled.

Q. Many people believe the movement is rather political and it’s designed to score points for the democrats, do you think that’s a point of view to relate with?

That’s a possibility. But it can’t be denied that there are people out there who truly believe the lives of that black are undervalued in our country, and with or without this catchphrase…this truth…this movement, black lives are beautiful and extremely significant, and they should be
handled accordingly. This stance did not begin and will not end with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Q. What other things do you do, apart from music?

I am a middle school English teacher!

Q. What was your best song performance?
Ooooh, man. You’ve got me stumped on that one. I’ve never thought about what I considered to be my best performance.
Spirit Move, that’s your trending song, what inspired those powerful lyrics Genesis Chapter 1.
I fell asleep studying, and I woke up with this song on my lips. God’s spirit brought to light and
purpose to the darkness and chaos during creation and He continues to bring light in the most
dark and confusing seasons.

Q. If you were given a chance to go back 10yrs, what are the things you would do better?
Follow the holy spirit EVERYTIME!

Q. What encouragements kept you going?
What comes to mind immediately, is: 1) Knowing that I have not gotten out everything that
God has placed in me, and 2) People in my life who really saw my potential and didn’t let me stop.

Q. What are some hurdles in the industry you wish don’t exist?
Sometimes I wish that money and popularity (or the look of it) didn’t govern success in the industry as much as they do.

Q. With your experience, what would you advise the upcoming artistes?

Stay true to yourself. Don’t succumb to the pressure to make your sound and what you do fit into existing categories. Be your own category.

Q. Do you plan on coming out with an album soon?
It is being discussed. 🙂

Its was great talking with you Natori, we wish you success in your career, cheers.

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