Music Minister Sammie Okposo Lends Voice For Gospel Musicians Amid Tour & Preps For New Single!

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Sammie Okposo, currently in Switzerland, said he is against the mindset that musicians who used their craft for a means of livelihood are thieves and discouraged such erroneous doctrine.

“I’m against this [] mindset… Some musicians serve as volunteers in their home churches but the ones who decide that they want to get paid cos they do it full time as their main source of livelihood should be paid. Why are you insulting and publicly shaming professional musicians who work in the church and earn a living with their skill calling them thieves? Which bible verse/verses can you use to back up what you are saying?” Sammie Okposo posted on his social media page.

Many personalities including Nikki Laoye, Nosa, Jedi, and more, also joined Sammie Okposo and condemned the act.


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