Pastor Josephine’s Message to the women on International Women’s Day

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Pastor Josephine Onochie of The Kings Heritage Church spoke expressly about the need for women to appreciate their God given endowment  and nature. She went further to add that women are already a blessing to the society and without them the society would not have existed as women are responsible for the increase through reproduction.
Speaking on a video message about the international women’s day she stressed the fact that women should appreciate their virtue knowing they are blessed already with various blessings.
In her own words , she said ” You cannot think less of yourself, as a woman you were made to add value to the world”
She celebrated the women’s effort in her talk to them concerning the international women’s day celebration with words that cannot be measured.
“I celebrate your strength
Your heart to love & nurture
I celebrate your arms of comfort,
Your loins that bring forth,
Your tenacity to create and your unending hope for survival.
Today, I celebrate you.
There is no world without you.
Happy International Women’s Day”
Making reference to a great woman like Mother Theresa who gave everything she had to ensure the widows and orphans do not suffer, she said Women should put her selfless act in remembrance.
Speaking on tenacity and strength she pointed out that the fight against Ebola in Nigeria may have not been won if it were not for Dr Ameyo Stella Adadevoh a woman who made a notable sacrifice.
She charged  women to remain strong as she wished them a happy international women’s day.
Watch the video here.
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