(COVID 19)Pastor Takes His Members On Live Morning Exercises On Social Media To Keep Them Fit.

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While others are complaining about the setbacks caused by the lockdown and the COVID 19 virus pandemic, Pastor Lawrence Onochie of the King’s Heritage is busy engaging his followers on Social Media with two vital exercises to keep them fit and together. The vital exercises are targeted at developing the spirit Soul and Body. Even though it takes a lot of discipline, he has been consistent since the beginning of the pandemic that has caused a serious lockdown in most countries. He also creates a challenge every day to keep his followers in check to see if they are participating in the exercises. Amazingly many of his members post their results online.
The exercises he takes his followers on include, press-ups, Jumping Jack’s, Nitro Oxide Jumps, Squatting, skeleton developmental exercises and lots more. These exercises  take place everyday on Instagram by 7:30am and Facebook by 9:30am. During these exercises he gives room for questions concerning various development aspects of bodybuilding. He also gives a challenge that often receives a high level of participation by his followers across the globe as they Post videos of themselves and most times their families carrying out the challenge. Pastor Lawrence drills his members helping them stay fit throughout this lockdown as many who love self-development looked forward to the exercises and devotions every morning. Here are some of the videos of his followers participating in the Body work out.

He doesn’t stop there, before and after the workout, he takes them on the subject of faith where he teaches them the importance of faith for a time like this. In one of the sessions he reminds them that their reaction to the news of the virus is dependent on their faith level. He takes them through the Bible showing them cases of worse plagues than COVID 19 and how the believers then handle it. Pastor Lawrence through his teaching online communicates his stand concerning the virus. “If it comes in contact with me, it dies”. Such faith he teaches his followers before taking them on the daily body work out.   You can join pastor Lawrence on Facebook and Instagram @ Lawrence Onochie

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  1. Hi uncle! Thanks for the excessive tip. It really helps with my homework 😊idk if u will k who it is, but it is your youngest nice from Europe, and daughter if the elders sister.have a nice day 😊😊😊

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