The King’s Heritage Carol Night Makes Headline

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 The 2019 Christmas Carol  Africana of The King’s Heritage Church has been the latest gist and talk of town. Many who attended this Africana Carol attests to the fact that it’s the best they’ve attended in years. From time immemorial, the uniqueness and creativity infused in The King’s Heritage Christmas Carol has attracted many even from different denominations and religion to come experience what Christmas Carol truly entails. The years before have recorded such great performance and testimonies, but this year’s Carol Africana surpassed them all as The King’s Heritage’s Creative team (the choir- House of David and  drama team – Heritage Production were able to excellently depict the relatable story of the unacceptance of Christ by the Israelites and how He was fully embraced in the African setting.   

The Senior Pastor of The King’s Heritage Church, Pastor Lawrence Onochie who has been known for his thorough discipline, zero tolerance for mediocrity, passionate drive to instill much knowledge in youths, thirst for positive relevance, the zeal to impact youths to lead a significant life, never takes impact through creativity with levity.   Discovery for Youths, Unleash, Rave, Transformational Leadership Course (TLC), Spiritual Leadership & Ministry (SLAM), TKH Academy are many among the other yearly and very unique programs that are organised by Pastor Lawrence Onochie, the Senior Pastor of The King’s Heritage.

He readily has a team of creative gurus who tirelessly orchestrate unique and creative ways to impact this knowledge to youths across the nation.   News has it that apart from the commitment of this creative team members to their local assembly; The King’s Heritage, They are all doing excellent in their different industries being a well groomed and product of the several trainings given by their Senior Pastor, Pastor Lawrence Onochie.   No doubt the King’s Heritage is an Oasis of love, discipline and support. Many who have been rejected by families and society find healings, purpose and relevance again through these various programs.   This year’s Carol Africana as tagged, had great spice from the readings of the scriptures in Nigeria’s diverse dialect, to the hymns, to the life transforming drama and intriguing exchange of gifts. The turn out was massive and people look forward to next year’s Carol with great anticipation.   By the way, The King’s Heritage annual Thanksgiving and Anointing Service is this coming Sunday December 22nd, 2019. You might want to give it a try.The King’s Heritage has a way of connecting to the heart of God through intense praise & worship rendered by The House of David! I bet you’d never ever want to leave once you encounter that experience

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  1. TKH is an oasis of love indeed and I am a living withness, I am a better person today because I joined the kings heritage church, I have seen the lives of youths transformed because of what God is doing with our very own Pastor Lawrence Onochie. My pastor is a lover of youth no matter who you are or what your background looks like, he will bring out the best in you and shun mediocrity. He will all say “the best in every field will emerge from amongst us” and it’s happening drastically. The Kings Heritage (TKH) is the best place to be 😊

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