‘We Have the Peace of Jesus’: Justin Bieber and Wife Discuss Their Faith In Jesus Christ

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Justin and Hailey Bieber, during a new Facebook Watch series titled “The Biebers on Watch” this week, discussed how faith in Jesus Christ is helping them get through the COVID-19 quarantine and gave fans a window into their daily life.

In the most recent episode, the Biebers talk about how faith has helped keep them grounded and that “regardless of what’s going on in the world” they can always rely on their shared faith to help carry them through, Faithwire reports.

“We have the peace of Jesus and we can lean on Him during this time,” Hailey said as the pair played a spirited game of Jenga. “We can read the Bible and can do so many things. We also have our church community which has been constant during this whole thing. There’s that real sense of community even in isolation.”

Justin said having the “same belief system” as a couple, believing in “Jesus and His forgiveness and salvation” is critical to remaining strong during turbulent times.

Hailey also added that while she misses the daily routines of life, she’s “happy” that Justin’s tour was postponed. “Everything happens for a reason,” she says. “You have more time to be healthy and happy and prepare. When you do go out you’re going to be strong and healthy and that honestly makes me feel better.”

Justin has been increasingly open about his faith in Jesus, and his now-wife Hailey has an outspoken faith as well, and it’s been a blessing to watch young people with huge followings be willing to glorify God.

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