Justin Bieber Reveals-“I Just Want to Be Led By the Holy Spirit”

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Grammy Award winner and Iconic R&aB singer Justin Bieber has opened up about his newfound faith in Christ. The Canadian pop musician shared this remarkable revelation in an interview with Zane Lowe of Apple Music to promote the release of his new album “Changes.”

Bieber who has struggled over the years with personal crisis, explained during the interview about his faith in Jesus, his “turning away from sin,” his reliance on grace, the influence of Christian mentors, his love for his wife, and what he believes was the turning point that Jesus saved him.

When asked to identify the significant point his faith in Christ was transformed, the superstar enthused; “I really took a deep dive in my faith. I believed in Jesus but I never really, like, when it says following Jesus is actually turning away from sin … what it talks about it in the Bible is that there’s no faith without obedience.”

He further revealed how the grace of God formed the core of his Christian faith; “The way I look at God and my relationship with Jesus is I’m not trying to earn God’s love by doing good things. God has already loved me for who I am before I did anything to earn or deserve it. It’s a free gift by accepting Jesus, giving your life to him, and what he did is the gift. The forgiveness is the thing that we look at and we go, you know, I’m going to worship you, God, because you gave me something so good.”

Bieber also humbly revealed he would have been dead if he had not made a U-turn about his faith and added; “So I’m very, very grateful to have influences in my life that have played a huge part in me seeing their relationship with Jesus, and their relationship with their wives, and their relationship with their kids, and saying, ‘That’s what I want.’”

When questioned on what parent he’d like to be, Bieber responded thus; “When you accept Jesus, he says that now you walk with the Holy Spirit. So, I think I just want to be led by the Holy Spirit.”

Also recently Justin was visited on of Kanye West’s weekly gospel gathering – “Sunday Service,“ where he performed an emotional version of Marvin Sapp’s gospel hit “Never Would Have Made It.

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