Trump’s Message On National Day of Prayer Is ‘We Turn Our Hearts to Our Lord and Savior’

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Two prayers and love occasions underscoring atonement and mediation for the country carried several thousand to the National Mall on Saturday, with many shouting out to God for divine intercession.

Under generally shady skies, both The Return and the Washington Prayer March brought Christians from all aspects of the nation to ask in the midst of a wild political season.

For what reason did America need The Return and a day of supplication and apology on the National Mall, yet additionally live-spilled all through the land Saturday?

Presidential Message on the National Day of Prayer and Return, 2020

Given on: September 26, 2020

“On this debut National Day of Prayer and Return, the First Lady and I join a huge number of Christians here in the United States and around the globe in petition, as we turn our hearts to our Lord and Savior.

Our incredible country was established by people of profound and withstanding confidence—a confidence that has stood the trial of time. 400 years back, early American pilgrims confided in their lives to His provision and conquered a journey to a New World. From the travelers who looked for His insurance on board the Mayflower to the incalculable devotees who today bow their heads to request His direction during these uncommon occasions, our nation keeps on going to the Lord. Emulating our predecessors’ example we proceed the “firm dependence on the assurance of Divine Providence” that gives us suffering quality and consolation in our critical crossroads.

The hardships the American public have looked in the course of recent months have been incredible. However, as we have seen on numerous occasions, the determination of our populace—braced by our confidence in God—has guided us through these difficulties and assisted with joining us as One Nation under God. As we keep on combatting the difficulties in front of us, we should recall the wise expressions of President George Washington during his first Presidential Address: “favorable grins of paradise can never be normal on a country that ignores the interminable guidelines of request and right, which Heaven itself has appointed.” As a nation and a people, let us reestablish our promise to these standing and immortal standards.

Today, I am satisfied to join my voice to yours in expressing gratitude toward God for gift this country with extraordinary force and obligation. With adoration, lowliness, and thanksgiving, we ask for His proceeded with direction and assurance.” – President Donald Trump.

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